January 24th 1983

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Fellow workers at Twin Pines –

Blue Monday.  A sort of mixed blessing fell upon me today.  It seems I’ve got more work to do, which is definitely a good thing.  However, the job is helping another bloke to clear out the now defunct sewage plant.  Ho hum.  Still, I’m not proud, + money is money.  Where there’s muck there’s brass, they say, so I should be earning plenty.  About the worst thing about it is my work companion, another bloke who’s wandered in + got himself a job.  He’s called Robert, + isn’t really all that bad – it’s just that he’s big-headed + bossy.  Ah well, I can work with anyone… maybe.  We spent most of the day dismantling the pipes etc over the big concrete tanks.  So the cellar still hasn’t been finished.

The Cascade was dead quiet – just 2 tables of people in, so I spent most of the evening writing a letter to Pete.

My snap judgments – first impressions, I suppose – of other people are rarely positive, so I’d say Robert got off lightly. Not sure that clearing out a sewage plant is any sort of improvement on excavating a cellar, but there you go – work is work.

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