January 22nd 1983

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Another in the series of historic New Zealand buildings, this one of the Post Office in Ophir, in Central Otago.

I only worked in the morning, during which time I again managed not to finish off the cellar.  Went on an errand run into town, + bought myself a Time magazine.  Decadent of me, I know, but I do like to keep up with events.  During the afternoon I read it, then began a letter to Bruce.  The letters have been arriving so thick + fast recently that we’ve rather been caught on the hop recently, + now have stacks in the “in” tray + none in the “out”.  But that’s good, I think.  Writing letters + receiving no reply is the most dispiriting thing.

Work in the evening was mildly depressing, mainly because the policemen were having their bye-bye party, so everyone was having a good time except for the poor workers.  Not, I think, that I was wild keen to get out among ‘em, but the work is becoming too depressing.  Mike was having a good old moan about Marion as well – they’re having some sort of wrangle about some chickens or something.  It’s all very sordid – I don’t understand the story, + I’m not even remotely interested, but I don’t impose my problems upon other people (I hope), + don’t like it when others do the same to me.  I closed up the bar quite late – a Kon-Tiki is in, + were drinking when they got back from the pub + then went out to join the party remnants, but it’s not much fun being sober among a bunch of drunks, so Val + I soon packed it in + went home.  Incidentally, we’ve just selected our ten cassettes to take with us – we both made up our top ten of the ones we have + combined them.  They are: 1.Hi Pete (the compilation Pete sent us) 2.Peter Gabriel  3. Peter Skellern  4.  Kiwi  5. Rock Brittania (Police/Stones) 6.  Classic Breakfast  7.  The Wall  8. Roxy Music/Dire Straits  9. Elton John  10. Genesis Live

IK am surprised tht there aren’t more lists included in the diary, for I am an inveterate list-maker (and one of my favourite books of the Alma was a book of lists, even tho’ some of them (Jewish baseball players?) were a bit esoteric for me.

I need to be careful about being too ppompous in my assessments of other people – such things can come back to bite you. Actually, I cringe at lots of my snap judgments recorded, of books, films, people… anything really. But I don’t think I can be accused of whitewashing, of presenting myself in a better light, as I come out badly for quite a lot of the time.

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