January 20th 1983

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Another more or less random photo from Auckland

There was enough work around to occupy me for most of the day today.  I’m still digging out the cellar, have been for all week, but not really flogging myself at it – just one or 2 truckloads each day.  Progress is slow, but moderately rewarding, as I can see the actual results of my work.  It shouldn’t take all that long to finish tho’, + then I don’t think there’ll be anything for me to do.  Still, I’ll cross that bridge while the sun shines, as they say.

Cascade in the evening, for me at any rate, Val having an evening off.  Work was light, + I finished pretty early.  However, I went up to watch the cricket, England handing New Zealand a real pasting.  Big excitement when all of a sudden we saw huge flames leaping up from the sawmill next door.  Sandra + Mike rushed off to grab their kids, since there was a very real danger of the fire spreading across.  However, the fire brigade were on the scene pretty quickly, + soon had it under control – I sound like a newscaster.

No great insights here, just plodding on, trying to keep working. The cellar kept me busy, and out of sight, and it sounds like much excitement in the evening… but I recall nothing of it now, so I don’t suppose it was all that much at the time.

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