January 18th 1983

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Yet another picture of Haruru Falls, this time with random young lady

I had the evening off tonight, as did Val.  So we were determined to relax.  Work in the morning, of course, but I finished respectably early, + had the (almost) forgotten luxury of time to myself stretching out ahead of me.  And there was a real treat awaiting us too, with a letter from Val’s Uncle George, enclosing letters from Bruce + Dave Trickett.  Bruce’s letter was a good one, even if we did know most of the news it contained already, from the letter he sent directly here.  But Dave’s letter…!  Now that one was a true + absolute classic, long, descriptive, + funny.  What a mate.  We’ll just have to make sure we see him again.  (“Don’t know where, don’t know when.”)  His epistle so inspired me (tho’ so did the beer I was drinking) that I immediately began a reply, while Val got izzy-wizzy with bangers, mash, + beans.  Magnifique.  Which was just about all our evening off.  Not exactly exciting, I know.

Almost a complete day off, with the added excitement of letters to read. Plus that very old favourite, bangers, mash + beans (since renamed, in our house, at least, as the Beano dinner… but maybe I’ve already told you that.

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