January 17th 1983

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Yet another more or less random photo – this one of a church (Cathedral?) in Auckland,

I am half-inclined to write “nothing to report” + pass on the next few days, but I suppose I shouldn’t really.  Val worked the whole day long.  While working at TP, Marion rang her + asked her to start working at 12 noon.  So she did, clearing up + assistant cheffing till midnight.  We had some customs people in at work in the evening for a meal, + they turned out to be a right bunch of drunks, playing “Jacks” to determine the choosing, sipping, sculling + paying for of various liqueurs.  However, just before we’d finished + gone home, Val + I got chatting, especially with one bloke, wjo turned out to be the harbourmaster at Opua, just up the road.  He seemed to think there was a very good chance of finding us a boat to go to Australia, took our names, + told us to give him a ring.  Confusing, of course, seeing as we’ve just begun the process of buying our air-tickets, but well worth following up.

Have to say I have no idea what came of that lead or contact, since there is no further mention of it – taking advantage of my knowledge of what is to come, I can spare you searching gamely for any result. I imagine we would have done something to see if it could develop, but I have to say I don’t remember.

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