January 16th 1983

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Yet another Haruru Falls picture, this one from higher up, showing the curious Glastonbury like structures on the hillside beyond

Sunday.  We didn’t make the most of our day off tho’.  As usual, we slept late, then up to the Dairy to collect provisions.  And so, as usual, a great rush to have breakfast cooked, eaten, + cleared away in time to go + watch football on the telly.  Val got a bit ratty with me for hurrying her along (unnecessarily, as it turned out) but I do loathe being late for things.  A totally wasted afternoon, it was.  The football was dull, + we were too lethargic to move after it had finished.  So we just sat there, like a couple of cauliflowers.  At 4, Val was nabbed to help out in the kitchen, so shortly after I popped back to get changed, + then returned to work.  Ho hum.

Well, what am I supposed to say about that? Hardly the most exciting of days, or posts. Inevitable, really, that if we are going through a working week, then a day of somnolence at the end is pretty inevitable. Though I did go to work as well… but that was hardly memorable, as I barely mention it.

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