January 15th 1983

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Auckland ferry building – not the most appropriate of photos, but needs must

Slept in a bit later today (Val, of course, having the day off, so I left her there, dead to the world.)  Made it to work by 9, cleared up my rubbish, + then attacked the black hole of Calcutta with pick + shovel.  I speeded up a bit, making it one and a half hours a load, + was able to manage 2 loads before I became too tired + fed up.  At Gordon’s request, cut some grass + then came home.

A relaxed afternoon lying in the sun, + then work.  An excellent evening, especially in terms of tips.  Val made about $10, I picked up $5 myself, both of us getting most from one large (+rather drunken) table, out to enjoy themselves.

By the standards of our life at present, not a bad day: two sorts of work sandwiching an afternoon lying in the sun. Life could be worse.

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