January 14th 1983

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Hm, not too much evidence of health and safety.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho.  Normal sort of jobs for the morning, but in the afternoon I commenced a major new task, digging out a new part of the cellar to make a workshop for Tom.  This project has been on + off for weeks, but I think Tom has finally persuaded Gordon to give it the go-ahead by suggesting his old workshop as a good place to stow his speedboat.  Even so, the job hasn’t been given any priority, + I’ve taken it on my own initiative as I don’t really have anything else to do.  It’s bloody hard work tho’ + slow going.  I dug out one truck-load of earth + drove it round to the other side of the building, where there are some pipes etc which need covering over.  The whole job of pick-axing the earth, shovelling it out, + then emptying the truck again took me 2 hours, + didn’t seem to make much of a hole.  Ah well.

A busy night at the Cascade, to’ it never got too much to handle.  I was up till quite late, making Irish coffees (which I enjoy), + mixing cocktails.  They seem to enjoy cocktails in this country, + I really have fun making them.  Jelly beans, Harvey Wallbangers, pina coladas, fluffy ducks + fallen angels – no sweat for all of them.  I’ll have to get myself a few bottles, + make them up when I get home.

There’s initiative for you, seeking out my own work. Even better, it gives me the chance to use a properly relevant photo, for the first time in ages.

As for the cocktails and other drinks – l never make Irish coffees nowadays, though I did have a spell when I was really into making cocktails at home, most especially a mean pina colada. But I have no idea how to make the majority listed here, though of course everything is searchable nowadays, at the click of a button. Current favourite is mojito, chiefly because I have a good supply of fresh mint just outside the back door.

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