January 12th 1983

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Not entirely relevant, but, more importantly, a photo I don’t think I’ve used before

After I’d lugged some beer out of the store, ready for it to be exchanged, and (naturally) cleared up the rubbish pile, I amused myself by making a plan of some inspection points in some pipes in an area we are sooner or later going to cover over with earth.  I think that for once I made a fair job, + Gordon seemed quite pleased by it, which makes a pleasant enough change.  Not that he’s a critical master, but generally I make some sort of a mess of most of the jobs I do round the place.  Knocked off work at 3.15 for the entire rest of the day, as I’d obtained the evening off from the Cascade.  Spent the time lazily, lying + sleeping by the pool first, then drinking beer + eating dinner.

And for the evening a cultural treat.  By chance I happened to have the evening off when a travelling theatre group was presenting its show.  They were called “The Drama Twists” + were utter rubbish, worse than even poor English student standard.  Oh, a  mime sketch they did was alright, as were one, or even 2, songs.  But the rest was appalling.  Ah well, everyone has to start somewhere, I suppose.  Afterwards, Val + I retired to our tent + read.  Much more culturally stimulating.

Good to experience a bit of culture, even if it was a bit on the disappointing side. Other than that, it would appear to be a relatively lazy day, while still managing to keep my job going.

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