January 11th 1983

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View from the top of the Falls to River Park

A huge + unexpected bonus today, when I found a copy of “Time”.  It was the Christmas week issue, with a selection of some of the photos of the year.  And they really were superb.  And the NZ papers are so appalling in their coverage of world affairs that a magazine like Time is essential.  One wishes it weren’t quite so American oriented of course, but one can hardly expect otherwise.  A busy little day again – that suits me fine – tho’ I had to leave early to go to work at the Cascade at 4.  They needed me to look after the phones etc.  A quieter night, as a majority of the Australian slobs left early to go on a disco cruise.  Suited me fine.

My passion for any sort of outside news, even when living in a country like Australia, is probably unrecognisable today. When I travel nowadays, I have access to the Guardian, the BBC immediately it rolled off the press. Not that it does that any more, of course, but you understand the idea. Two weeks out of date? No big deal.

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