January 10th 1983

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Yet another, but different, view of the Falls

Back into the swing of working with a full day’s work today.  It can’t have been very memorable tho’, because it’s only Wednesday now + I can’t remember a thing about the day.  Oh yes, Joe + I erected the Motor Camp sign by the entrance.  Only we didn’t do quite a perfect job – the two posts lean towards each other.  Still.  I also painted up the “Cabins” sign, + shifted some beer.  Which passed the time quite nicely.  Business round the area – the tourist business, that is – seems really dead.  River Park + Twin Pines are nowhere near full, + the Cascade barely has any customers.  When it doesn’t have a tour in, that is.  It did tonight, so far an hour or two I was rushed off my feet, we ran out of glasses, etc etc, then they pushed off to the pub, then a bit of a rush on again when they returned.  I closed the place down at about 11 + went home.  I hate serving these big tours – not only is there no chance to do the job properly, but also most of them are loud, rude Australians.

Rather a mundane post. The minutiae of a not very challenging job not done all that weel, and then a spot of irritation directed at our Australian cousins.

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