January 9th 1983

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River Park to the Falls

Sunday rolls around again, our day of rest… except that once again I was pressed into service to clean River Park’s motel windows.  It’s not that it’s that difficult or arduous a task, especially when, as today, Val helps me.  But it does break up the day.  We started at 10, + it didn’t take too long, but by the time we had our usual large Sunday breakfast + washed up, it was 12.45, + too late for either the football on the telly or the Tall Ships race taking place down in Paihia.  We didn’t mind all that much tho’, since we were both feeling very lethargic.  So since it was such a gloriously hot day, we lazed down by the pool, reading, writing (diary + letters), listening to the Walkman, turning red in the sun, even venturing in for an occasional swim.  I think we appreciate an occasional afternoon like that, because we can have it so rarely.

I enjoyed the evening’s work again too.  Not too busy, time enough to chat with people, especially 2 couples.  They came in at 8 to see if they could put some beer in the fridge, + were there till we closed at 12, just chatting + drinking.  I had some drinks with them, especially when, following the example of another customer in the place, we tried depth charges.  This is a glass of Drambuie, dropped, entire glass + all, into a beer.  Try one to see how they work.  They gave us their addresses too, so perhaps we’ll be able to give them a whirl again.

Really thknk we should have made the effort to see the Tall Ships, but there you go. Depth charges, by the way, are lethal, but at that stage of my life, I was prepared to give them a whirl.

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