January 8th 1983

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From bad to worse.  An 8.30 start for me this morning, + by 10, having cleared up the rubbish, I was so thoroughly fed up with the whole business that when Val turned up at 10 o’clock to pick up my cheque to take into Paihia to bank, I seized my opportunity, downed tools (not that I was carrying any) knocked off work, + went in with her.  We managed to hold everyone up in the Post Office, but that was their own fault, they only had one staff on.  However, the town was nothing like as busy as we had been told it would be.  More like Launceston on a normal Saturday afternoon, than the bustling chaos we’d been told about.  New Zealanders just have no idea.  We put in a film to be developed, the first for a long time, + had my blazer dry-cleaned.  Exciting stuff, eh?

We then went for a short walk up to a viewpoint, which had an extraordinarily silly bench, a foot too high.  It made me feel like a 5 year-old, sitting there swinging one’s legs.  Back to town for some shopping + 2 banana splits, + then home.  We sat up by the tent for a while, then down by the pool for a while, then off to work – not exactly the idle rich.  For once, I enjoyed my evening’s work – I had time to chat to people, as well as do the job properly.  And I received some tips, which is pleasant.

The usual mixed picture regarding work: some up, some down. But I think we are growing increasingly restless and keen to be off on the road again. But while we are still salting away money, so it is difficult to give that up.

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