January 7th 1983

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I know I’ve used this picture before, but this is a more relevant position – first, I am wearing my Christmas jumper, not yet made in the previous posting; and second, I am doing what is described in the text – sitting writing my diary.

My, by now, usual finish of 12.30, + an afternoon of writing this up by the tent.  Never mond, I’m nearly up to date now… for another day or 2, anyway.  When we arrived at the Cascade, panic + mayhem, as Mike had rung in sick, so Julia had been dragged in on her day off. + absolutely nothing was ready.  Fortunately it was a very quiet night all round.  Just about all I had to do was entertain a 6-year old boy who was becoming very restless.  Then, at just before 9, just when I was ready to close up shop, a group of 4 walked in.  What made things far worse was that they were right pains in the neck.  They’d had a really terrific time last year, apparently, with a band in the place etc, + were clearly disappointed to be the only ones in a dead+ dull dining room.  With the result that they were drunk + abusive, in a joking manner, but enough to give both Val + I a hard time.  And they didn’t leave till very late.  Which was a pain.

More of the minutiae of trials and tribulations of working for the public. All very trivial in retrospect, but that was all we had to focus on.

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