January 6th 1983

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Another early finish today (I seem to be getting into the habit) and a lazy afternoon by the pool.  A really hot day, + the time spent listening to PG (which, at least on my first acquaintance) sounds wonderful.), + reading a letter from PJ, V’s bro.  He had begun it in August, put it aside until October, + then sent it to Tauranga, from where we had just received it.  It was very long, very entertaining, + occasionally infuriating (eg “Marion has changed.”  How?  In what way?  Details!  Details!)

Definitely not in the mood for work, especially since Val had the evening off – I left her lying there, listening to PG do his stuff.  My evening was a bit disastrous – I didn’t write someone’s wine down, so they got away without paying for it, + I poured someone else a glass of our most expensive champagne instead of cheap fizz.  Fortunately, Marion only knew of mistake no. 2.

Receiving mail was always a highlight, and I suppose that is something which ought to be added to the list of ways in which the world hjas changed, which is that people rarely write letters any more. There are emails, of course, and in theory one could print them out, but somehow that’s not quite the same.

Two different Marions, by the way, in case there should be any confusion.

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