January 4th 1983

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Not the most relevant of photos, but one of a set of four Val used to write home to her mum

Dad’s birthday today.  I don’t think of him as much, but things do remind me of him.  Mainly me – I seem to become more like him as I grow older. 

I only worked till 3 today – I’m fed up with work at the moment, + have lost all enthusiasm for it – I suppose it’s about time we moved on again.  Ah well, just another month or so to go.  There I go, wishing my life away.  I came down + lazed by the pool for an hour or so, + then to work again.  A hectic evening, with a large tour group in.  They’re blasted Australians, who refuse to bring their glasses back to the bar, but expect a new one for every new drink..

Clearly my enthusiasm for writing the diary is fading. The final reference to my dad, I think… and after forty years I now look like him as well, though I have now outlasted him by a decade or so.

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