January 3rd 1983

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Another picture I’ve used before, but relevant to the day’s work

My usual spate of bottle-clearing + rubbish burning until coffee break, + then Joe + I had to go to the sawmill to collect some coarse sawdust – the roadways thro’ the camp-site have become so dry that the cars kick up a hell of a dust, so we had to spread this stuff all around to settle it a little.  We took a trailer as well as the pick-up, + it was bloody hard work shovelling that lot in.  Fortunately, shovelling it back out again was incredibly easier, but even so my arm was aching by the time we’d emptied it, + even more so by the time we’d done another load.  It was funny, when we met last night’s rugby players again – I received a big chorus of welcomes, plus enquiries as to why I wasn’t wearing my bow-tie this morning.

After lunch, I went round the River Park motels with the hose + brush.  Much better than usual, as Val went round behind me, polishing the windows.  And sure enough, my rugby friends were down there at the pool, so another chorus.  “A man of hidden talents,” they called me.  Very hidden, most of the time.  Another couple of hours work in the afternoon, back at Twin Pines, + then to the Cascade in the evening.  Quite busy again tonight, + no Mike, so Julia, her son Gregg, + Victoria, one of the waitresses, between them managed the cooking.  And despite Julia getting herself into a real flap, managed things very well.  The pot dealers were in again, tho’ in a rather more subdues mood – I got a $3 tip out of them tho’.

A day of encounters with old customers, especially when, in short order, they see me fulfilling all three of my roles. It is of such small encounters that smiles are formed… and that all helps to get through the day.

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