January 2nd 1983

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River Park

A Sunday, + thus a day of rest.  However, Wayne had nabbed me yesterday  + asked me to clean the motel windows this morning, so I dutifully dragged myself out of my bag, + toddled down to work.  Only then did Wayne ask me to postpone it until tomorrow, as someone else was using the hose.  Perhaps I should have been angry at having been roused unnecessarily, but I wasn’t.  I’d expected to be working, + unexpectedly I’d been granted a reprieve.  So, instead, a lazy morning, strolling up the hill to buy bread, cleaning the block (that barely counts as work), making breakfast, then off to the Cascade to watch the football.  Afterwards, we sat in the sunshine – it was a very hot day – + cut each other’s hair – moderately successful, + certainly far more comfortable.  More lazing about, me writing this blasted thing is becoming a real millstone around my neck.  And then a swift hurl of the Frisbee, before it was time once again for me to be off to work – Val had an evening off, so took to her sewing bag.

I had an incredibly busy evening, rushing around like a madman, trying to keep everyone happy.  The trouble with doing both the barman’s + wine steward’s job is that one does neither properly.  There was one big table of 9, 6 adults + 3 kids, who could have done with a wine steward of their own.  They were, apparently, well-known to the coppers staying with us – dope-dealers or something, with loads of money.  Which was just as well since they had 2 bottles of champagne, 2 bottles of red wine, spirits, liqueurs, + finally finishing off the evening with about a dozen Irish coffees.  That lot, plus a restaurant full of other customers.  With no help – Bill + Marion were just chatting with friends.  And at about 9, just when I thought things were quietening down, one table of 9 rugby players, + another with a party of 5 arrived – chaos again.  The rugby players kept us going ‘til really late – they started off with an order of 9 beers + 5 bottles of wine, + carried on in that fashion, until by the end of the evening they were lounging around, singing + mildly misbehaving.  I left Bill to send them home.

And another day of not very much. Life is really pretty dull, but while we can keep working, and keep the money rolling in…

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