January 1st 1983

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Almost certainly a picture I’ve used before, but there you go.

 I know, I wrote about 1983 just now, but that was New Year’s Eve, + that’s different.  I was up at work at 9.  The place was, as might well be expected, very quiet + sleepy, but I pottered about for a few hours, clearing up etc.  I returned at lunchtime to a good, greasy fry-up (nothing like it after a night of drunken debauchery) to hear Val’s tales of woe.  She had spent much of the morning trying to wash the fluorescent dye out of my work shirt.  The fluorescence had gone, but had left yellow streaks, like cats’ pee, all over it.  She had tried all sorts of soaking but the damned stuff wouldn’t budge.  Fortunately, I remembered having seen a special spray among the cleaning utensils up at Twin Pines, designed especially for shifting stains.  That was supposed to be used on dry clothes tho’, + the shirt was still wet, so I let it alone for a little while, + Val + I both had a  bit of a kip in the tent.  She was still in the land of Nod when I popped up the hill to fetch the magic powder, which I applied + then washed the shirt.  Marvellous stuff, it shifted it at once, then I popped it in the drier, + then woke Val up, it now being time for work.  Nothing of particular note to comment on (I can’t remember anything anyway.) 

Basically the tale of the shirt! Let’s hope mu posts manage to move on from the purely domestic, or 1983 could be a bit dull!

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