December 30th 1982

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The camp-site, including the eponymous twin pines (though now just a single stump remains)

I was running around busily all day today – it’s quite amazing how my pattern of work changes from day to day.  Mamie had me doing jobs for her, hunting out mattresses etc, as well as my regular rubbish-clearing, plus other little things – I’m always being nabbed by different people to do jobs for them.  This is good, of course, because it means my work is varied.  I did have one depressing task today tho’ – clearing someone’s belongings out of a caravan.  He had remained beyond his allotted time, so now, while he was absent, I had to shift his stuff.  This is the second time I’ve had to do a similar job, + I don’t like it.  It’s such an invasion of someone else’s life, to gather together his books, clothes, food + dirty washing.  I think it’s especially bad when it seems the person is leading an empty or lonely life.

Cascade work was fairly commonplace, tho’ as we get busier, + we are, it becomes more + more difficult to do both jobs, wine-stewarding + bartending, properly.  I manage to do both, but in a slapdash + hurried way.  It’s true that Bill helps me occasionally, but in a way I’d rather he didn’t, since I don’t think he serves people properly.

I still remember the feeling I had clearing out someone’s caravan – though I had forgotten the details of where, when, etc. And the previous owner may have moved on quite happily, glad to get rid of a load of stuff… but somehow I don’t think so.

Apologies, by the way, for the times when I repeat myself, either in the text or the photos.  The text I can’t do much about, not any more anyway, since I transcribe what is there, but I am also aware that, especially when, as now, I run out of photos, I may inadvertently put one in that has featured before.  Ah well (to use a well-worn expression.)

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