December 29th 1982

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Twin Pines motel units

In case you were wondering, by the way, yes, I’m a week or so behind with the old diary again.  Trouble is, we’re working so much, the only chance I get to write the thing is Sundays.  So this could well turn into The Week in Retrospect, or something similar.  Work OK today – a few jobs to keep me going.  I clear up the rubbish out the back door of the pub every morning, + we’ve been so busy lately that that takes me till coffee break.  (Val makes the coffee every morning at 10 0’clock.)  And then, with more clearing up + out, I kept moderately busy.  Val did me a favour by explaining my plight to Tom, so he gave me the job I’ve been angling for, looking after the wholesale beer dept.  He does it normally, as well as getting on with making things down there.  But of course there are lots of other jobs that he’s required to do which can’t be done anywhere but on the spot – he is the woodworker cum handyman cum plumber of the place, after all.  So while he was off fixing something or other, I minded the shop.

Cascade, of course, in the evening – as I’m the only barman, I work there virtually every night.  Which is good for the money, of course – but can I manage it?  It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.  Tonight tho’ there was trouble in the restaurant, when one big table of 8 walked out because their meals were too slow coming.  It just shows what happens.  Mike is often slow, but other people, because they’re more patient or more forgiving or more talkative, so that they don’t notice, but this lot weren’t, so they left.  Mike tried to blame Val, who was the unfortunate waitress, but Marion didn’t wear that one.  So, obviously, trouble in the kitchen, coming out, more or less, as waitresses against cooks.

I spend a lot of time – too much time, really – moaning about having to write the diary. And now I a in a similar pickle with getting it posted – hence the somewhat disturbed nature of this over the last week or two. That’s Christmas, I guess… though it happens at any time of the year.

Still managing to eke out a living from scraps of work at Twin Pines, alongside my more regular employment in the evenings. We really weren’t doing anything else but work… but that was what we wanted.

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