December 28th 1982

Marion and Bill

Had a word with Gordon, the boss, at work today, to see whether he thought there would be much more to do for me, + he agreed that it seemed likely that I would have run out of things in the next day or so.  Pretty depressing.  Still, he had a word with John, his brother, + tho’ John didn’t come up with what I was vaguely hoping for, the offer of a full-time job as barman or something, he did ask me to do some clearing out of the flat upstairs for him.  That, plus shifting a great load of beer for Brian, the bar manager, kept me busy all day till 4.30.  And at the moment, it seems that each extra day’s work is a bonus.

Work again in the evening of course.  We’ve got 3 policemen staying at the Cascade at the moment, drafted up here to cope with the huge increase in population in the area, + one of them (another Wayne, a very popular Kiwi name) had looked after the bar last night.  After hearing from Bill + Marion what a splendid job he’d made of things, + how funny he’d been, I felt even more unappreciated.  Ho hum, it’s feeling sorry for myself time.

Still seem to be struggling to keep work going, almost one day at a time. But so long as we can continue to make ourselves useful ( and get rewarded as a result) all is good.

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