December 16th 1982

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A sign of desperation, in yet another picture of Haruru Falls, this one from recently (it hasn’t changed much.)

One of my far more satisfying days today, with many jobs to do + done, keeping me amused till 5.30.  Scrubbing, painting, clipping, sorting, burning – all sorts of nonsense.  Plus the by now usual spate of beer shifting.  The last for quite a while, I’m afraid – it was a real job, gave me an opportunity to prove my usefulness, + was quite fulfilling in itself.  Come evening, Val + I had a very tasty meal together, + by the time that was cleared away it was time for bed.  It’s amazing where the time goes.  Val is still frantically knitting – she had my jumper half-finished, but decided it was too big (it was – it was enormous.)  So ripped it all back, + started again.  It’s a bit of a race against time to have it finished for Christmas, but I have every confidence in her.  We received a letter from Keith today, giving us further details of places to stay etc in Asia.  As you’ve no doubt gathered, he’s moved on.  Rather a shame really, a friend in the Dave/Rob mould, tho’ perhaps rather more serious.  It’s one of the perils of travelling, unfortunately, that friendships made are often so fleeting.  Still, we hope to see at least some of our friends again.  I’ll give a list sometime soon – right now, I’m very tired.  Good night.

Typical of Val, first to take on a pretty mammoth task with very little time, and then not to be satisfied with her efforts. And yet another goodbye, this time a permanent one, for we never did see Keith again; I don’t even know where in England he came from.

  1. Pamela Blair

    Your comment about friendship is so true–how instantly people can become friends because of their shared travel experiences (which make great stories to share), and how quickly they can exit from our consciousness. Last night I was rereading some old letters, and I found two of people I’d met along the way, both in Egypt, one, a Brit and one, an American. There’s always the promise they’ll look us up (or we’ll look them up) when we arrive in a common place, but it rarely happens. Although I continued to communicate by letter, I never met these two people again.

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