December 15th 1982

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The true purpose of our stay

A nondescript day, really.  (This usually means I am writing the diary several days behind – can’t really recall anything of even vague interest.)  This is, of course, the case today.  A morning of digging, raking, clipping etc.   Beer shifting after lunch – a mere 4 crates tho’ so it took next to no time.  I mower for a while during the afternoon, but became fed up when my mower stalled, so called it a day early, at 3.30. 

Work in the evening was again desperately quiet with just 2 people in, but once again I’ve been given some stock-sheet work to keep me busy, + as Marion had gone out, had to look after the place until she got back.  Fine by me – money for old rope.  Tim was the night’s chef, so I did alright for food.  Soup, pavlova, a ham sandwich, + a steak meal.  I managed it all, somehow.

Work blues, really. But while I am talking about mowers, I should relate a small incident which does not appear in the diary. Gordon would usually leave me to get on with stuff, but he did become exasperated from time to time by my somewhat laconic approach. On one occasion, he was irritated bt my slow and steady approach to mowing, and took over, virtually running with the thing, to demonstrate that the job coulod be done faster… and then he stalled the machine. A touch of schadenfreude on my part.

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