December 14th 1982

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NZ’s symbol (ripped off from a library site!)

More beer delivered today – much more beer, 24 pallets of the stuff, I believe, as opposed to 10 yesterday.  But in fact it all went off very smoothly.  The rollers were set a a decent height this time, so there wasn’t quite so much bending to do at either end – that is what really kills your back.  During the afternoon, I did my usual pottering – I’m more of a potterer than a fast worker, even at my comparatively young age.  God knows what I’ll be like when I get old.  I worked until quite late, about 4.30; then, since I happened to be working with Gordon, asked him about borrowing a tent from the Freedom Holiday Tour Co., who store some gear at Twin Pines.  When I explained that we were living in a pup tent, he gave the matter some thought for a few moments, then showed me an old store room + suggested tentatively that we might clear that out + move in there.  I said I would have to discuss it with Val.  The idea certainly sounds attractive, but I don’t really know whether the extra comfort + convenience would be worth the money we would lose out of our wage packets.  I said I would talk it over with Val, which we did, tho’ without reaching any firm decision.  It’s difficult to know what is for the best.

I rushed down to River Park to get changed – Val’s big news was that she had received a letter from Mar.  Then, just as I was rushing off to work, (Gordon’s offer + chat having made me late), Sue told me I  had a letter as well.  It was from Bruce, tho’ I left it for some time to read it, until I had a quiet spot in the evening.  Not that we were busy, since we weren’t at all, but Marion had given me a stock check to do.  I thought I’d have a go at being fed this evening, especially since I’d heard that Mike the other barman had been given a full meal virtually every night he’d worked.  So I asked Mike straight out, to which he replied, in effect, yes, provided I get a drink.  So we did each other a favour.  I enjoyed Bruce’s letter – he is now a father.  Remarkable.

First reference, I think, to me as a potterer, ie someone who tackles things in a casual way, wandering from one task to another. Actually, it’s the way we still describe our approach to gardening, just taking up jobs as they occur. I remember describing this as my approach – “I potter”, I replied to someone who asked what I did. I recall that they were somewhat amused… but then, this probably wasn’t Gordon, who was less impressed by this approach.

The other big news here is mail, and how important it was to us. It is a simple thing that we have become used to, instant communication, that it is difficult to recall life without it, and therefore how exciting it was to receive any news. Bruce was a friend from college, my age, so possibly one of the first of my friends to embark on parenthood. He’s a grandfather now, though only having the one child, Adam.

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