December 13th 1982

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Presentation to the winning team on opening day

Blue Monday.  Not that that is very fair, since it wasn’t especially.  Just an average sort of day, pottering around with various little jobs.  Joe had brought along a trio of young kids, on holiday from school, to help around the place.  I probably sound selfish, but I’m not overkeen on all these others being around.  I suppose that’s because my own job is not so secure that I can feel safe with it.  The money is roiling in at the moment, + we’re really piling up the savings, but being a pessimist, I can see where it could all go wrong.

The big job of the day was to offload a lorry of beer – it was dropped off on pallets just outside the cellars, + we had to transport it from there.  Gordon had taken Joe, me, + one of the little helpers in to the Waitangi pub during the morning to fetch some rollers to help the job along.  We all went along because we’d heard they were heavy, but in fact 2 people could handle them with the greatest of ease.  Still, it made a pleasant little interval.  The beer shifting itself was by no means as pleasant.  The first few pallets weren’t too bad, since they contained crates, + generally everyone involved took things at a reasonable pace, + the rollers helped a lot.  However, later on we had some cans to put away, + partly because we couldn’t use the rollers so much, + partly because some of the young barmen drafted in to help got really macho + competitive about the whole thing, it became extremely strenuous.  For the 12-packs in particular, we threw them down in a chain.  At first it was fine, but after a while the old arms started to give way.  We finished about 4.15, + I was just on my way out of the car park to get changed ready for the Cascade, when the girl in the office called out that I wasn’t required there this evening.  Ho hum.

So I amused myself during the evening, Val trotting off to work, + cooked 2 more of the bangers, which I ate hot dog style.  Val wasn’t late back, since she’d had barely anyone in.  And so to bed.

Mainly a detailed and not very interesting account of a day at work. Which just goes to show why we don’t tend to keep diaries about the mundane minutiae of everyday life. But, like I say, the money was rolling in, which was the main purpose of our stay there.

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