December 12th 1982

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Our tent pitched outside the garage where we used to live

I didn’t mention – during last evening there was awful rain + wind, so after work, being totally unprepared for such foul conditions, we had to struggle home braving the elements, with only an umbrella borrowed from one of the other waitresses as a shield.  I loathe umbrellas, + halfway back gave up on it, + let myself get wet.  We’d left the tent door open, so the rain had driven in thro’ the mosquito netting, as well as thro’ the tent walls – it’s being a bugger just recently.  Fortunately, tho’, our sleeping bags were more than a match for the conditions, despite being pretty well soaked, still kept us lovely + warm.

In the morning, of course, our first priority, even before breakfast, was to treat ourselves to the chore of getting everything dry.  This we combined with a large washing session (it’s been building up lately, so we killed 2 birdies.)  Then a real treat – Val made American-style pancakes for breakfast.  We couldn’t afford maple syrup, so made do with golden instead, but they were still delicious.  Our regular Sunday lunchtime trip to the Cascade to watch the football – West Ham are slipping, much as expected.

The weather was bright but cold during the afternoon.  We braved the picnic table for a short time, but then returned to our common room – the kitchen.  Val knitted  (she’s making me an Icelandic-style sweater to replace the one we lost in Guatemala) while I got on with a little task of making a travelling spice box.  Not making in the sense of banging together bits of wood, you understand.  More just arranging + labelling.  I’m using Kodak film boxes for the spice, duly labelled.  It’s fun.

After Val left for work, I had a couple of beers + got on with a long letter to Pete.  We received one from him the other day, + I’ve had one started, lying around for ages, so that gave me the impetus to finish it.  It was a good letter, I think.  I was in the mood, + the booze helped, but it took ages, + then I had to get on with cooking my tea.  It was delicious tho’ – bangers + mash + beans + onions + bread + butter + tea.  That cooked, eaten, + washed up, I was exceedingly virtuous + cleaned out the entire block, meaning that neither of us would have to get up early to do it in the morning.  Val returned just as I had finished, + was duly appreciative.

Our tent has been fine during fine weather, but really demonstrated its limitations when the rain comes, especially since it is rather overloaded. Ultimately, it has proved to be a comfortable enough place to live, with the kitchen and shower block making it acceptable.

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