December 11th 1982

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Mamie and Gordon Putt (with loudhailer) – two of the owners of Twin Pines

Work, of course… what else.  No Joe today, so I was able to take over one or two of his usual jobs – watering the gardens, etc.  And then I got on with some mowing, of a place that I haven’t done before, + from the looks of it, nobody else has either – it’s over by the 2 motel units the place has.  I thought I made quite a respectable job of it, since it looked very nice when I’d finished.  Because of being given the wrong time, I knocked off an hour earlier than I’d intended, at 3 o’clock.  That was no hardship tho’ – it was very pleasant to take my time over a sandwich, cup of tea + shower. 

Val + I both working this evening, as was Mike, a different Mike, that is, the other barman.  I thought at first that we both wouldn’t be needed, but actually we were very busy.  Mike is far more experienced at the job than I am, so I hope to be able to learn things from him.  He took on the job of wine steward, while I was barman, + tho’ it may be just coincidence, he was certainly able to persuade people to drink.  We had a Kon-Tiki tour in – that’s a low-budget, young persons’ tour, + normally they can’t afford to drink a lot, but tonight Mike really got them going, + was slapping in orders to me as fast as I could do them.  Plus we had a large dinner party, 12 of them, + all their drinks were on a tab, + they were really knocking back the wine.  Plus we had 3 or 4 other tables.

The Kon-Tiki bnch eventually pushed off to the pub, + Marion asked one of us to go home.  I thought briefly of being Mr Nice Guy, but then suggested tossing a coin.  And I won.  So Mike left, a touch disconsolately, I thought, but that’s the luck of the draw.  I think Marion was a bit premature, actually, since the Kon-Tiki bunch returned, + I was really going at it.  We closed the bar at gone 12,  but in the usual fashion I was rushed out of the place without being able to clear up properly.  Silly really – it only means Bill has to do it.  Our first really busy night, + I enjoyed it.

Tales of work… which is pretty much our lives, at present (though I don’t know what Val was doing today – not a mention of her. Not sure it wouldn’t have been wiser to be more diplomatic, and offered Mike the extra couple of hours, but I tend to overthink such things, and end up agonising over whether I have made the right decision.

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