December 8th 1982

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Val’s birthday dinner (both caught with our mouths full)

We got up early in order to attack the block this morning.  With both of us working it took very little time.  Then Val shot off to work, tho’ I could allow myself the luxury of breakfast first.  I was able to find several little jobs that needed doing, + when Gordon mentioned that there might be no more work for me for a while, I could point out their ablutions block, covered in cobwebs, so that gave me a stay of execution.  There are still some jobs around that need doing – they reckon on extending the workspace in the cellar, + also if I’m lucky I might get the job of painting the ablutions block and rec room.  Still, I knocked off at 3, not wishing to overstay my welcome.  Ho hum.

We were supposed to be busy at the Cascade during the evening,  but in fact the tour that was booked in never arrived, so I served just 2 people during the evening.  However, such a situation has its advantages – as I did nothing all evening except flirt with Maylene + Athena, the 2 waitresses.  Not that I’m especially struck by their bodies – or their minds either, for that matter – but it made a change to have someone to talk to.  Normally, the waitresses are too busy + I have to cope with life on my own.  In addition, since Marion was out whooping it up at some dinner somewhere, someone had to hang around in case the tour turned up, + I was the unanimous choice.  I waited till 11, when Mike told me to go.  Not that he was working – Julia was, which meant that I got fed as well.  Not a bad evening, all things considered.

Another normal day. Apologies for the reference to flirtation – let’s assume it was only mild, as it appears to have been. As these diaries testify, those were very different times. No excuse at any time, of course, but true all the same. And I am afraid my words reflect them all too clearly.


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