December 7th 1982

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The start of the race!

A pretty good day at work today, since I had plenty to do, starting off by finishing off painting the last picnic table, then moving on to a stretch of fencing that needed doing.  Painting is quite relaxing (tho’ of course I managed to get a new blister) especially since one can take in at a glance all of one’s achievement.  I didn’t do a bad job either, I don’t think – it certainly looked considerably better when I finished.  Along with a couple of other small jobs, + a short break for rain, that took me all day.  I knocked off at 3.45 tho’, when I finished off one pot of paint.

At the Cascade, I was working with Val, which was a bit more cheering, but it was even less busy, with not one single customer.  Still, it did mean I was able to finish off a letter to Mum, + do some of this.  Mike was off, as well, leaving Tim, the new assistant chef, on duty.  He seems alright, especially since he provided both Val + I with a meal – roast beef.

Seems like quite a pleasant day, though only marginally productive. And while it was nice to have a quiet evening at the Cascade, it was always a worry that such inactivity would render me redundant.

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