December 3rd 1982

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The falls from Twin Pines

I’d expected to have been carrying on with my painting this morning, but they’d had several loads of sawdust delivered to cover up the bare, barren patches around the grounds + campsite.  It was tedious work again, but it was certainly a real job – that couldn’t be denied.  I’d done one of the areas by lunchtime – the stuff had more or less been dumped in a big heap or 2 in each place, + had to be spread out over the whole area – but at lunchtime it suddenly appeared that they were in a desperate hurry to get various jobs done.  I volunteered Val to lend a hand, + Gordon said sure.  I spread the sawdust out over the front lawn – lawn is a considerable misnomer, since there is as yet no grass – in the afternoon, while Val took over my job of picnic-table painter.  They also erected the pub sign at long last.  It’s the official opening tomorrow you see, so there’s a big rush on to have everything looking spick + span.  Gordon even thought of ringing up the Lodge, the hostel in town, to ask for more workers, but fortunately he soon forgot that idea – there’s quite enough of us round competing for jobs as it is.  Knocked off at 4.30 for a quick clean-up, then off to work again.

Yet another deadly quiet night – fortunately I’d brought my book along this time, a collection of short stories.  I think I’ve read it before, that’s the trouble.  We cleared up pretty early – we generally do when there’s no-one about, + then I decided to call in at the pub on the way home, + have a jug.  I don’t know why I bothered really, since I didn’t really enjoy it, so I drank it down (+ up) + came home.  Met a pom sitting in the kitchen, reading.  He was called Keith, seemed like quite an interesting + friendly bloke, so I chatted with him for a while before climbing the zig-zag path to the garage.

Work again, and apparently to my taste, being a variety of jobs that I can tackle, without feeling worn down by tedium. Usual concern about other workers coming in and taking “my” job. Good to be meeting someone new about whom I am not instantly judgmental – that happens a lot – only to have to rein in my poor opinion at a later date – that’s the trouble with a diary recording immediate, initial impressions.

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