December 2nd 1982

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Another recent picture of Twin Pines – the encouraging thing is that it still looks pretty sharp

Far more satisfying today at work, because I was able to get on with things a bit better, I think.  Not that it was anything very much – fetching some bricks, shifting some old oil drums, a bit of lawn mowing.  And then, in the afternoon, some painting – making some picnic tables look nice.  That was fun, + quite fulfilling to see the finished product.  Knocked off at 4.15, working an extra quarter of an hour to make up for the time I gave myself off yesterday.

The evening at the Cascade was pretty hectic, since there was a large school party who came in for a meal.  Their teachers told me I wasn’t allowed to serve them any booze, so I served coke by the gallon.  Only one or 2 of them asked for anything different – ie alcoholic – I just smiled + said sorry.  The buggers wouldn’t bring their glasses back tho’, tho’ they kept coming back for more drinks.  For about 2 hours it was all go.  Marion’s son’s girlfriend, Sheryl, came behind the bar to give me a hand washing up for a while, which was quite pleasant, since it gave me someone to chat with for a change.  I think she was flirting with me a bit, but that may have been because she was trying to get Todd, her boyfriend, annoyed.  She was angry with him because he was trying to pick up one of the schoolgirls, + eventually she left in a huff.  They fight all the time.

A pretty normal sort of day, once again with me seeming to be able to determine my own hours, jobs, etc. And then an evening in the Cascade. Presumably, since we are spending so little, we ought to be raking in the money at present.

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