November 29th 1982

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The terrace at Twin Pines

Back to work.  Gordon wasn’t about to give me my instructions, so I took it upon myself to grab the mower + finish off the grass – until the next time.  I just about managed it too, tho’ it took far longer than I’d expected – I was mowing away till the very last.  Marvin is very much in need of a service now tho’ – he’s just about falling apart, tho’ I say it myself.

In the evening, since neither Val nor I were working, we cooked a lovely big spaghetti, followed by banana custard, + then we went to the pictures.  Well it’s the big hotel in Paihia really, but they show a film every week.  It cost us $2 each, + was really pretty appalling, all about a young truck driver who’s had enough of the things working against him, + so takes the law into his own hands.  For which we are all supposed to cheer him on.  Young thug.  Even when he’s working against bigger things.  Oh it was entertaining enough – it just didn’t have any thought.  Just fights + chases + cheap sentimentality.  It was called “White Line Fever” by the way.  The worst thing was we had to walk (nearly) all the way home – we did eventually get a short lift.  Tho’ actually it was a beautiful night, + tho’ cold, really good for walking.  We were tired when we got home, but still listened to a cassette Mum had sent out with her talking to us.  She was ever so funny.  I must listen again.

It seems as though I am organising my own work pattern at Twin Pines, which has to be a good thing. And it does seem as though we have to organise wharever cultural respite we can, however limmited (and Whie Line Fever sounds pretty limited. Still, this is daily life for us at present, while we re-charge our batteries, and more especially our wallets.

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