November 28th 1982

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Actually, now called the Cascade Lodge (no idea when it changed its name)

A Sunday, + a lie-in.  Bliss.  But a touch overdone perhaps, since by the time we gobbled down a hasty breakfast + made it to the Cascade, the football on telly had already started.  And it just had to be Spurs v West Ham!  Unfortunately, I already knew the result, having seen last Monday’s paper, but even tho’ we lost 2-1, it was good to see the lads.  Only 2 new ones: a big, clumsy-looking centre forward called Sandy Clark, + a Belgian – he scored the goal, + a good one it was too.

After that programme, apathy seemed to strike us both, + we just sat watching telly for most of the afternoon.  As Sunday afternoons in front of the box go, it was not too bad, with mostly pretty good programmes – I think that was the trouble – but even so one feels such a slug afterwards.  As it turned out, we only just about had time to get back for Val to have a shower + return to work.  I had a flat evening, reading mostly, Graham Greene’s “Quiet American”.  It’s alright.

A pretty nothingy sort of day, much like many Sundays, though at least Val earned some money

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