November 26th 1982

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The Twin Pines Toblerone motel units

Work at Twin Pines more or less the same as yesterday, especially since Marvin Mower was playing up again.  I was given a couple of other jobs to do as well tho’, so the day went pretty quickly.  I had to do some driving with a trailer – I’d never really realised before just how difficult it is to reverse with a trailer on.  A bit of unloading some wood, + then collecting some garden furniture.  They bought some new land on the back of the place last year, + there was quite a bit of garden furniture went with it.  The problem is that in the meantime, most of the neighbouring houses have helped themselves to it.  Quite blatantly so – presumably they thought it was up for grabs – so now they have it on display in gardens, on verandahs etc.  Rather belatedly, Gordon has decided to take it in to protective custody.  It was bloody heavy stuff, so presumably quite expensive.  Fortunately I had Jonathan around to help me manhandle it, first onto the trailer, + then off it again, + down into the cellar.  I did get some grass cut but knocked off work a bit early when the blasted machine broke down one too many times.

Work at the Cascade in the evening.  I didn’t work there last night. By the way.  That’s the trouble with this hardworking life – one day is much like another.

Ah, so there is another reference to Jonathan, the bolshie cleaner, no longer throwing is weight around as top dog cleaner, perhaps.

You will perhaps be noticing that I am fast running out of photos, always a problem when we stay for some time in one place; I suppose I shall have to get creative again. Hmm…

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