November 23rd 1982

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View of the Falls from Twin Pines

Val was once again general cleaner, while once again I had a potpourri of jobs.  I work all the time for Gordon, one of the owners of the place, + the one, I gather, who had the original idea.  Apparently, the place is the site of the very first licensed premises in New Zealand, but it burned down in 1937.  Gordon bought the property originally with the idea of reconstructing the old place, but changed plans when the building became available.  He is rather a disorganised bloke, but immensely hard-working himself, + very capable in many ways.  Today I fetched bricks for him to construct a small walkway over the flowerbeds – + a very attractive job he has made of it – + then spent much of the rest of the day mixing wheelbarrowloads of cement.  They finally obtained their licence from Whangerei – this had been the thing holding them up – so they decided to open this evening.  A bit of a blow for me since I was working at the Cascade, but not to worry.  As things turned out, I was able to grab a drink there with Val before work at 5 o’clock – we’re not sure, but we think we may have been the place’s first paying customers – + then a jug of beer after work.  As I anticipated, I hadn’t had a busy night.  We sat + chatted a bit with the 2 Canadian guys, who were there with a group of their friends, + then Mike, the chef from the Cascade.

Two jobs starting to become a regular day’s work. But history of a kind; not too many can claim being a pub’s first customers. I have idly considered what the reaction might be were we to make it back there and introduce ourselves; probably seriously underwhelming (always assuming it is still there.)

  1. Pamela J Blair

    By now, you’re probably getting an idea of a “national personality” of New Zealanders. Is it much different than that of Brits?

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