November 22nd 1982

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Twin Pines

Work again today, for both of us.  It would seem that, with luck, there’ll be loads of work at Twin Pines.  Val was cleaning, while I had several jobs – one of the things I enjoy about working there is the varied nature of things.  I had to mix up cement, to help with erecting some big posts to act as markers for footpaths across the flower beds, to take the truck to fetch some sand (I enjoyed that – I’m not a good driver, but it still gives me a great thrill), + we were all shovelling stones in doing some road surfacing.  That took me until 6, + when I returned I couldn’t work out where Val was.  It took me a little while to remember that she was off working at the Cascade.

I had my shower, + considered going to Waitangi to see The Towering Inferno – but I was just too bushed, so I fried myself up a feed, + then headed off towards bed.  Val was back early – she hadn’t had to serve a single customer.

Plenty of work just at present, so we’re happy enough, even if it does seem to leave me exhausted.

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