November 21st 1982

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Val cleaning the Twin Pines bar

For Val, a confusing morning.  Sue wanted her to work for her in the morning, yet there was work for her at Twin Pines too.  So she shot up to Twin Pines early, arranged to return later, + then shot back to River Park to sort that lot out.  Actually, when she returned again to Twin Pines, Jonathan, the regular cleaner, told her he needed the money more, + more or less told her to push off.  Ah well.  He’s a bit of a dick anyway – a young student rather too fond of himself, tho’ I suspect that’s merely a charade/façade.

For myself, the morning was busy, but not as complicated.  I was the domestic animal, washing, shopping, + clearing up, before heading off to the Cascade to watch the English football on telly.  I was quite excited at the prospect, tho’ this feeling was dissipated a little when I discovered that the programme was shown a week behind.  Unfortunately, the games weren’t very exciting, but it was still interesting to see the changes in players etc.  Val arrived late, so we played table tennis + pool, + then home to River Park.  A usual sort of lazy Sunday afternoon, + then bangers + mash for dinner.  Terrific.

Photo not entirely appropriate, since she was sent home, and I think this is from later, when the bar was actually open. Even so… As it happened, there is no further mention of Jonathan obstructing Val’s cleaning career, and I kknow she was later regarded as a vital member of staff there. A related story – she used to use a long-handled cocktail stirrer to pick cigarette ends out of the gents’ urinal, and left it on the top of the door frame. Except one day it was not there. We just have to hope it was not returned to the bar…

Incidentally, forty years on, and bangers and mash again for dinner tonight. Still terrific, from our point of view.

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