November 20th 1982

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No mention of the pub – a post card from before its arrival

A long long day today.  I’d been asked to start at 8, + Val was going to come along + ask for work too today, so that meant us getting up early.  And having no clock, I was up too early.  Ho hum.  I worked thro’ to about 4, with a half hour break before lunch (another example of my being discriminated against paranoia – everyone else was given lunch: chicken, veg, sandwiches.  I was sent home.)  However, the work was easy – manipulating a hose for a while, then kicking a few loose stones around, + finally, once proper gravel had been dropped on the driveways on top of the hard surface, raking it round to cover all the corners, etc.  We were getting on for finished when I knocked off, but Gordon sounded encouraging about the prospect of further work.  The news was good for Val too – altho’ at first the noises hadn’t been too encouraging from the people she’d met, the more people she saw, the better it became, + in fact she’d worked all day, again with the possibility of more to come.

I just had time for a swim + a shower + a cup of tea, + then off to work again… from navvy to barman.  We were expecting a very quiet night, but actually I was kept running quite a bit, + didn’t close down till 11.  Which is all money, of course… it just makes one tired.

And tired I must have been, being on my feet for all of the day. Still, too much work was certainly better than too little, and it did make for a varied life.

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