November 19th 1982

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Twin Pines, the transported hotel/pub

Val arose at a suitable hour – she hadn’t been informed whether or not she’d be working, but thought she would improve her chances if she just turned up.  I knew there was no work for me, so I just stayed in bed.  Val was back at about 5 past 9 tho’ – no work.  Eventually she persuaded me to get up, + then we had a leisurely breakfast.  Time is of no consequence to the unemployed, which is probably why being unemployed is so boring.  We decided that in order not to waste the day entirely, we decided we would go to either Kaikoke or Kawakawa, + see what they were like, so, after locating them on a map, off we went.

It was only up at the main road that another alternative presented itself.  There is a new hotel there which has just been built, or rather moved, since it is an old building from Auckland, due for demolition,  which one of the guys from round here acquired + transported.  Ever since we arrived they have been on the brink of opening, but have delayed the actual day several times.  However, they really are close to kick-off now, + for the past few days there’s been feverish, ant-like activity around the place.  Val suggested I go over + ask if they needed any help – we had planned to approach them eventually, but this sort of a sudden prod didn’t exactly enthuse me.  However, I strolled across the road, + for the first time ever was hired immediately to start immediately.  So I grabbed a tool, + got to work.  Val turned round + promptly went back to the camp.

Until lunch I had pretty stupid, nothingy little jobs – clearing some wood here, picking up a few stones there, but after lunch the jobs were more substantial, shovelling piles of dirt into a newly-made flowerbed, + then for the final part of the day spreading loose stones onto the driveways + carpark, ready to be compacted to make a hard surface.  There were 3 of us doing the same job, myself + 2 big Canadians that Gordon, our boss, had acquired from the local hostel for the day.  I felt rather left out of things + disfavoured, with the definite impression that I was regarded as less capable than the others.  A question of image perhaps.  Still, I was given a glass of beer at the end of the day along with the others, + hired again for the next day, so a successful day all round.  I returned to find a rather depressed Val – she does not enjoy having nothing to do.  However, she prepared a splendid dinner for me.  Quite the domestic family – hubby coming home from a hard day on the site to find little wifey + a meal.

I am going to claim, of course, that my final sentence was meant ironically. Not sure that that gets me entirely off the hook, but its the best defence I can offer.

Perhaps of greater importance regarding our stay in Haruru Falls was locating another income stream; just as River Park seems to be tapering off, we introduce ourselves to the Falls other tourist business, so now we have a foothold in all three. Potentially very good news.

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