November 18th 1982

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Val at Haruru Falls

Wayne has told me to report for work this morning, but I happened to see him at 8.45, + told me I wasn’t required after all.  Ho hum.  Val was working this time, so I took the opportunity to hitch to Keri Keri.  There was some shopping to do there, plus on my own account an opportunity to accumulate an item or two for 5 Dec.  I had intended to buy Val a copy of The Thorn Birds, but in the shop they had a copy of the author’s new book on special offer, in hardback, at only $2 more than the paperback of Thorn Birds, so I took that.  Hardbacks are so much nicer anyway.  They also had a record + cassette sale in the music shop, + in the $1.99 section they had 2 cassettes I’d wanted to buy for ages… at full price.  I couldn’t decide which to buy, so bought both, one for now, one for D5.  For the former, I eventually decided upon a Dean Friedman tape; for the latter, “Astaire” by Peter Skellern.  Other purchases: a jar of assorted buttons from the Red Cross shop; some Velcro for Val, who needs it for making a Walkman + Cassette case; a 25c bottle of aftershave for me; + present no.3 for Val, a pair of white satin knickers (tho’ I suppose that’s a present for me too.)  And doing my citizenly duty, I deposited another $170 in the PO – that’s 350 now.  Then home.

I deposited the goodies c/o Sue, to keep them out of Val’s way.  We both had the blues in the afternoon, with the prospect of unemployment hanging over us.  Not total, you understand, but Wayne’s hints about not much to do till Christmas, plus, as we later learned at the Cascade, not a lot on there either, cast a lethargic apathy over the pair of us.  Even tho’ we were both fairly busy.  Val got on with her needlework, while I made cassette covers for a number of our cassettes.  That was the other thing I acquired: I’d tried to buy library boxes for my cassettes, but both the likely shops in KK seemed to think such things were unobtainable here.  However, fortunately for me one of the places had been knocked over recently, + had a drawer-ful of cassettes pinched.  As a result they had a load of cases which were no good to them, so they let me have 4 for nothing.

Later we played + swam, + then took our time over dinner, so once again, altho’ there was no work, we didn’t have an early night.

A perennial issue for us is concern about ongoing work; at any moment we seem to be terrified of being laid off. Other than that, it was mostly more or less cosy domesticity – shopping etc. I had no idea that, at least at one time, we had a Dean Friedman cassette; he was pretty much a two-hit wonder in the 70s. No idea what could have happened to it. As for the “Astaire” album, if you don’t know it, it is charming (though I haven’t listened to it for a while.)

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