November 15th 1982

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River Park – the motel units

Back on my usual chore of cleaning out the AB this morning – as I’ve said before, I don’t mind that job at all.  And then after tea, washing down the outsides of one of the blocks of motel units.  There are two blocks, each with 4 units. The motels here really put their US counterparts to shame, since they’re far more like a small flat, with a sitting-room, 2 bedrooms, a pretty well-equipped kitchen, + a bathroom.

After work, we played halo again – Val hasn’t beaten me yet, but we’re well-matched enough to keep it interesting – then swam, + then had a latish lunch.  We weren’t working this evening, so we thought we would go in late, to Paihia, shop, + then go to the first showing of the film in town.  There’s no cinema, but a big hotel occasionally puts a film on, + this was one of those nights.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, we discovered it was some appalling documentary, so rather than waste our time or money, came home again.  We had a lovely stew for dinner, but the making of it took most of the evening, so we still didn’t get an early night.  And it wasn’t as if our day had been very productive either.  Ah well, that’s the way it goes.  Life goes on, regardless.

No idea which “appalling” documentary it was. In those days, we felt very short-changed by a documentary as opposed to a “real” film. It is relatively recently that they have achieved the prominence they have, and are some of the most interesting things to see.

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