November 14th 1982

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Chris playing halo

Another lazy Sunday.  For me, that is, since I have the weekend off.  Val managed to put another few hours in.  My morning labours involved nothing more strenuous than a spot of clearing-up + a stroll to the Dairy for bread + milk.  Which is a pleasant enough activity for a Sunday morning, even if there is no Observer waiting for me.  Still, Val did discover via the radio that West Ham won yesterday, + are now second in the table.  My word, what more news could one desire?  (A rhetorical question.)

After lunch, an even lazier time, playing halo + swimming.  And then work, which was a shame in a way, since Sue + Wayne were holding a big barbecue party, to which we were invited.    Still, just at the moment, we’d rather have the money.  The time passed pretty quickly.  From 6.30 to 7.30 there was a happy hour, during which time the tour company paid for all the drinks of their party.  Surprisingly, people didn’t go nearly as mad as one might have expected them to, + as I’ve experienced in the past with free bars (from both sides).  I then had quite a bit of wine to serve, + I’m by no means entirely happy with my performance yet.  I’m not at all slick, + feel very cack-handed + unsure about the whole business.  I worked very late – people kept holding me up when I was getting ready to close.  Not that I’m complaining – it’s all money in the bank.

Don’t even know what Val was working at on a Sunday morning – cleaning, I suppose. And I ought to explain halo (though later on I call the same game quoits, but it’s the same game.) Played a bit like badminton, on a similar sized court with a similar net. You throw the quoit (or halo) over the net, where your opponent must catch it before it hits the ground – surprisingly good fun.

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