November 12th 1982

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River Park

I’m not saying very much about Val’s work, + this is supposed to be an account of our experiences.  The problem is of course is that I’m not her, + so can only write about things from my own point of view.  In addition, especially at the moment, I don’t know what she’s doing.  She helps to clean out + replenish the motel units… but that’s all I know.  Anyway.

First thing, I gave a brisk cleaning out to the AB, + then, after tea-break, Wayne was going to get me started on chopping back some gorse.  However, it was clear that that was a chain-saw job, so had to think of something else.  I volunteered myself, rather reluctantly, since I was nervous about my aptitude for the job, but bravely overcoming my own feelings of inadequacy, for the task of constructing a wooden box to house the cushions for the poolside cushions.  By 12 o’clock, nominally my knocking off time, all I’d managed was to hammer 4 pieces of wood together, not very sturdily + not very well.  Wayne told me to finish it off on Monday, or perhaps he would work on it over the weekend.  I would much rather he didn’t – I’d be far happier to correct my own mistakes + have some pride in finishing the job.

In the afternoon we went into Paihia, + took our first citizen-like step by opening a savings account, + depositing $180 with the post office.  Our aim is $3000 by the time we leave.  We shall see.  Work in the evening  was with the same crowd as last night, + I made my first tip – 50c!

I think I was being slightly hard on myself about not reporting on Val’s life; I was having enough trouble detailing my own. And it would have been a pretty pedestrian account, as I could not access her thoughts and feelings without in-depth interviews.

I still remember being so much out of my depth when trying to make the box. I had no idea even how to start, so ruined a couple of pieces of wood before Wayne, saw what a mess I was making of it, and called it off.

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