November 9th 1982

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Our first morning at work for the campsite; or River Park motel, to give it its burying title.  Val was a cleaner, working with Sue + another lady cleaning out the motel units, + I was et to work first washing, + then polishing, the 3 permanent caravans on the site.  The first job was easy, the second less so, since the polish I had wasn’t very easy to use.  It was difficult to get anything even approaching a decent finish.  But I did my best, + Wayne didn’t seem too displeased.  Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to be too severe a taskmaster.  And when we’d finished, it was very pleasant indeed to sit down with a cup of tea + a cheese sandwich, knowing that one had earned some money, + with a free afternoon ahead of ourselves.  With the morning’s work, we’d paid our camping fees up to now, + had 10$ on top so that was all to the good.

A relaxing afternoon, reading, swimming, then ready for work.  We’re both pretty much into things at the Cascade Lodge now, + I think can handle most situations that arise.  This is a dangerous thing to say, but the situation here seems to be working out pretty well.  At the moment we get on pretty well with our employers, + shouldn’t have to spend too much, especially since we get fed at work.  That is strictly unofficial tho’, + has to be watched.  I managed to sell a bit of wine tonight.  Good for the motel, + good for me too, since otherwise my evening is boring.

And so we start to put something in to our pot of money, rather than seeing it drip away. And somewhere to stay, for free – until Thursday, at least.

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