November 8th 1982

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River Park

Wayne + Sue had promised to let us know today whether they would take us on, but they weren’t around at an early hour, + in fact contacted us quite late that they would take us on, on a casual basis only till Thursday.  Wayne mentioned something about having to see the boss first, but I suspect the idea might have been to give us a trial run before committing himself.  We took advantage of our “day off” to hitch-hike to Keri Keri, since there were various things to do there.  As usual, no trouble with a lift – virtually door to door.  Then we lashed out on a few things: 2 camp mess tins, to act both as auxiliary pots + as our plates; we’re fed up with making do.  I bought some flip-flops, some anti-bug ointment (the sand fleas around the camp-site are very annoying), + we loaded up with groceries + a big bag of fruit – gold fruit, which may be a cross between a grapefruit + an orange.  They have honesty stands here – just leaving big bags of fruit out with the prices marked + a tin to put the money in.  It’s that sort of country.  Which may sound hackneyed, but is true nonetheless.  Another ride all the way back, + then a swift swim, a shower, + off to work.  Another quiet night, with just the one coach party with a bunch of old biddies.  A couple of them know how to be unpleasant tho’.

So we were on probation, which was slightly nerve-wracking, but better than being turned down. And then the business of getting on with everyday life, but in a pleasant country – honest, kind (with the exception of the old biddies at the restaurant.) I imagine biddy is understandable, but it might be a Cornish word, insinuating itself into my consciousness via Val.


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