November 7th 1982

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River Park – a stock photo, not us, but seemed appropriate

Sunday is a day of rest, I believe, so we did just that. We did virtually nothing all day. A lie-in, a late + leisurely breakfast… by which time it was lunch, more or less. And so the day passed. I think we exerted ourselves twice during the day. Or thrice, if you count the short trip I made up to the dairy. The other 2 were paddling one of the camp’s boats out into the river. It should have been pleasant, but we got rather ratty with each other + spoiled things a little. And we ventured into the pool for the first time. Have I mentioned before? They have quite a respectably-sized pool here, + we’re sort of determined (Val’s determined, I’m sort of) to make full use of it, + try to improve our swimming. The sun was incredibly fierce – I’m told that’s because of the clear air; one burns very easily here. I cooked dinner – one of my Irish curries, as from student days – a tin of Irish stew mixed with curry powder on some rice. Very tasty, if not exactly up to Meher standards.

Perhaps the notable thing, seeing as we tended to be together pretty much all the time, is not how many rows etc that we had, but how few.

And in case you were wondering, a note on NZ dairies. Not some barn with cows, but small shops; back then at least, the generic term for pretty much all small general stores. I suppose we call them corner shops here. Presumably some sort of historical throwback in origin. But also, of course, a place to buy milk.

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