November 3rd 1982

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Kiwi Lodge

We earned our money today, I should say.  I rode into town again to do some shopping – it half-killed me lugging it back, even tho’ there wasn’t all that much.  Val meanwhile got on with scrubbing other bits of the outside paintwork.  And then Don brought home a mower + a rake at lunchtime, + we were very busy raking up lots of dry grass which was lying all over the lawns, + then cutting it.  Fortunately, the mower was a hefty, motor one, but it still took a long time, since there is really quite a big garden.  Don is a sort of trouble-shooter for the Ministry of Works at a big irrigation scheme, + the house goes along with that, but really it’s far too big for him.  I managed to blister up my hands, + felt pretty exhausted at the end of the day, but at least I was able to feel that we’d earned our money.  Don puts our $30 each on the table when he comes in from work.  And we’re eating, drinking, living like kings at the same time.

Val started work this evening at the hotel, so after a huge but rather hurried meal,  Don drove us both over to the Falls.  I drove back, + didn’t do too badly,  since Don said I could go + pick Val up again later on.  In the meantime, I relaxed with a glorious hot bath, + then a cup of coffee.  I was a shade nervous climbing in the van on my own, but I soon got back into the swing of things, bombing along thro’ the night with the cassette player blaring.  Val’s night had gone well, + she’d managed to get me a job for the following night, working the bar.

Definite progress on the employment situation, with two jobs now secured for both of us, though of course it was Val working tonight… while I took a bath. Ah me.

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