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Last week, I was full of positive thoughts about the production; this week, it was a return to the reality of this sort of work, as I was missing two important people from the cast.  One was Azi, playing Rosalind, but actually I was less worried about her.  She had an appointment to see a solicitor (I think) but had warned me of this.  Even then, she was hopeful of arriving at the rehearsal before the end, only finally to concede defeat when she found herself still waiting, and on the other side of London.

More worrying was the absence of Kerira, who had joined us last week, had done very well, and had been very positive about coming again this week.  But no show, even after getting a call from Aisha.  Which puts the play back into jeopardy.  Also missing Rabar, the young Kurdish man, but he has always been uncertain, so no great shock there.  But still, a problem to be resolved.  We thought to solve it by moving Abdulaziz, but my impression was that he was unhappy about the change… and that could mean losing another actor.  Ah well.

In the circumstances, the rehearsal went well.  I had actual copies of the full script to distribute, and we were able to focus on certain scenes for which we had all the important people, such as the wrestling scene.  So, all a bit uncertain again, but I shall just have to remain calm, and see what happens.

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