October 17th 1982

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Doug aboard Thyme, safely in harbour

We were awake very early, still not having adjusted to land time, but we didn’t exactly spring out of bed.  In fact, we had a very lazy morning, drinking tea in bed, + listening to the radio.  Eventually, we crept out from the covers, + had a substantial breakfast, + finally got down to work, cleaning up a bit, + getting our stuff sorted out, tho’ not in a particularly energetic or urgent manner.  In fact, we’d just got around to eating our lunch when Doug + his wife Barbara turned up,  just to collect a few things + check that everything was alright.  They stayed for a couple of hours, + David + Jinty turned up to say hello to them, so for a while there was a little party  aboard, but thankfully they all shot off + we were left on our own again – we prefer things that way.

I cooked up a mock curry, a tin of meat + veg with a couple of spoons of curry powder, on some rice.  With some tinned pineapple, ‘twas most excellent.  And for pudding, Val stewed up some tamarillos, a local fruit, vaguely plum-like… lovely.  After which, once more, we were ready for bed.

Very largely a day by ourselves, which suited us just fine. Even our mock curry was just for ourselves, hence just what we needed. Don’t see tamarilloes very often, but we enjoyed them very much.

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